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Using Tools

Milwaukee and STHIL

Looking for reliable and high-quality tools? Look no further than our selection of Milwaukee Stihl products. Our leading sellers, these brands offer a range of battery-operated tools, with Stihl also offering gas options. Trust us to provide the tools you will love.


STIHL Products

Stihl chainsaws are the go-to choice for tree cutting professionals, and our gas-powered models are the most popular. We offer a wide range of sizes, along with all the necessary bars and chains. To keep your saw running smoothly, we also provide Moto Mix fuel and bar and chain oil. Trust us for all your chainsaw needs.

Milwaukee Lawn and Garden

Are you in search of robust battery-powered tools for your lawn and gardening requirements? We have got you covered! Our lawn mower is equipped with two M18 high output HD 12.0 batteries, making it unstoppable. Don't hesitate to opt for a battery-operated lawn mower as ours can handle any task with ease!

stihl trimmer.jpg

STIHL Trimmers

Stihl string trimmers are a popular choice among landscaping companies due to their variety of sizes and operating options, including battery and gas. At our store, we make sure to keep all the essentials on hand so that our customers can find exactly what they need for their landscaping needs.


Milwaukee provides a wide range of battery-operated tools that are perfect for yard clean up. From mini chainsaws that are safe for kids to use, to dual battery string trimmers that can last as long as you need them to, Milwaukee has got you covered.

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